Keshab Sobha Kuti Vidyamandir is an English medium coeducational schools conducted by a team of well experienced and trained teachers. KSK Vidyamandir is the brain child of Anikendra Das Choudhury, the first IIT graduate from Silchar whose dream is to create a centre of excellence from where pupils will experience all-round development, where apart from regular academics, priority will be given to physical fitness, mental health, sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities and most importantly, students will be prepared for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET from class VIII onwards. Our ongoing and comprehensive student assessment system serves as a continual source of motivation for our children, inspiring them to consistently improve and aspire for greater achievements.


Our teachers garner respect not merely through their positional authority but primarily due to their adeptness in facilitating learning. Beyond regular class hours, they consistently uphold open lines of communication and foster a dynamic rapport with both students and parents.


Our students undergo a comprehensive educational experience that equips them with the skills to learn independently, think critically, make informed decisions, assume leadership responsibilities, apply acquired knowledge, and lead lives dedicated to serving the greater common good. Primarily, we acknowledge that a school’s primary purpose is to serve the educational needs and development of its students.

School Campus

Encompassing an area of over 27,000 square feet, Keshab Sobha Kuti Vidyamandir school, situated in Budhurail, Silchar, boasts a modern and spacious complex. The school exudes vibrancy, with lush green surroundings, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Its design strikes a balance between an open layout and a secure setting, fostering an atmosphere that encourages students to embrace the school’s exploratory culture. This design not only facilitates a conducive learning environment but also contributes to the effective delivery of the school’s curriculum and extracurricular programs.


We have formulated a comprehensive and forward-thinking curriculum meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Extra Curricular

Collaborative involvement in art, music, dance, culture, and international languages is an integral component of the KSKV curriculum.


Outdoor and indoor facilities, coupled with a well-structured participative program, inherently instill self-motivation in children from an early age, fostering their inclination to embrace and derive enjoyment from the exhilaration associated with sports.


In today’s world, children are consistently exposed to technology in various forms. At KSKV, we have incorporated two technology-focused initiatives: “Learning About Technology” and “Learning With Technology” modules. Both of these components are integral parts of our curriculum.


KSKV School regards parents as invaluable allies and maintains continuous interaction with them. This not only involves sharing progress reports but also serves as a consistent reminder of the school’s philosophy and vision.


Ensuring the safety of children is of utmost priority at KSK Vidyamandir. Our buildings are constructed to be earthquake-resistant, and all entry and exit points are equipped with Access Control Systems. Additionally, common areas are under constant surveillance through CCTV cameras.